EasiYo know-how and eat-now!

Image-of-Easiyo-products-sold-at-Lawsons-shop-in-DevonWe know that you know that Lawson is where to find all your know-how and do-now requirements for the home. This, after all, is the website home-from-home where you can quite literally buy anything from cake decorating templates to school uniforms, linen and bedding, to the best means of ridding yourself of ants and insects and other domestic invaders. And if you have a bit of a thing about cats, you will find something that will make them comfortable to sit on, or something that will keep them well away! Your choice, Lawson’s range of goodies.
What you may not know is that Lawson.com is a particular champion of your own personal yoghurt-making kit in the form of a brand from New Zealand called EasiYo Yoghurt. Lawson.com is already responsible for getting hundreds of families hooked and happy on proper, fresh, really tasty yoghurt – yoghurt that they can and really do make themselves.

It’s proper because it is a single and continually remarkable package of simplicity, economy and wholesome New Zealand ingredients that contain many many millions more (Mmmm) of the right kind of goodness-giving live bugs than anything you are likely to see in on a supermarket shelf. It might seem like it’s come from far too far away to be truly fresh but the big difference is that it arrives in starter pack form and it is as fresh as you want it to be because you make EasiYo Yoghurt all on your oddy-knocky.

The EasiYo Yoghurt Starter Pack (my daughter calls it EasiYum and rhymes this cheekily with other words I cannot recall at present) is made up of:
• WHITE Yoghurt maker
• 1kg Yoghurt Jar
• 1 x 140g Natural Yoghurt Sachet
• 250g Real BerryFruit Squirt
• 64-page Yoghurt Cookbook
• Instructions
• Recipe Booklet
• Guarantee Form
You can’t eat the guarantee form unless finances are particularly tight but if this is the case you’ll be happy to know that whole caboodle comes for just £13.99. And for this small investment you can be proud not only to be a home-maker of great yoghurt for the duration but that you are once again contributing to a good family diet.

Because – I know I’ve said this before but it bears repeating and possibly turning into a song – in every spoonful of your own EasiYo creation there are absorbable nutrients and BILLIONS of live lactic cultures.
These cultures are too small to get to know individually or keep as pets but they are truly friendly little fellows helping you to health, shining skin and a happy skip in your step. And they are even a bit of wonderful New Zealand countryside to remind you of friends and relatives who you might not get a chance to see every day.

So EasiYo – easy does it (“you gurt to be joking!”: Ed). Come and get it right here.