Wedding Cakes!

You knew that Lawsons was the place to come for just about anything worth buying for the home and quite a bit of the garden – but did you know that we also provide the wherewithal for that exceptional day in so many people’s lives? We can actually provide the wedding cake but collection from store only, for those of you who are daring and creative and want to make your own cake, we have all those special extras that you will need – plus the guidance to make the wedding cake of anyone’s dreams.

Bride Jan 14

In fact cake making and decorating is a Lawson speciality introduced many years ago when we were just a retail business. If you visit our website you will see that we have page after page of items to assist with cake making and decorating and there is a whole section on weddings, including books offering guidance and styling and making cakes for the special day.

Just to give you an idea of the range, we have round and square cake tins, cake boards, cake craft tools, ribbons, floristry, cake boxes, cake dummies and a variety of cake cutters including patchwork cutters. There are decorative items such as bride and groom figurines, including humorous versions. You can be as playful and imaginative as you like with the theme; we have edible decorations and food paints and all the icing bags, nozzles and icing pens you could wish for to assist in the masterwork. For the classical touch, we also have a selection of Grecian pillars to support your layers of cake. So by visiting you can go to town without actually getting in the car because we will promptly deliver whatever you purchase.

While you are browsing the wedding cake making and decorations you might stray into our kitchenware, which is another treasure trove of Lawson goodies – you are bound to find at least five things you’d like to have and two things you need!