Christmas Gifts for Foodies

If there are people on your list who like getting hands-on in the kitchen, Lawsons is the perfect place to shop for Christmas gifts for foodies. We have kits to help them make everything from chocolate truffles and cheese to cider and sausages.

044-dark-chocolate-break-up-barsThese easy Chocolate at Home kits are available in dark or milk chocolate varieties. Make your own chocolate truffles or the latest favourite, chocolate break-up bars. Just make sure you do actually hand them over, don’t hoard all the fun for yourself! There’s something for children, too – cute chocolate lollipops with magic Santa transfers. From £8.95

Make Your Own Goats CheeseIf sweet isn’t their thing, we have great savoury options too. It’s surprisingly easy to make your own sausages, with these Farmhouse, Cumberland or Lincolnshire sausage kits. £9.99

Or for non meat eaters, there’s a fantastic range of kits from The Big Cheese Making Company – make your own goats cheese, Scottish crowdie, halloumi, mozzarella, ricotta, and more. From £20.00

028-mini-chocolate-fountainIf that’s a bit too much hands-on, how about a popcorn maker for film night? Fresh, tasty popcorn, made with just hot air – you can almost say it’s healthy! £19.99

Or less healthy but just as much fun as film night, how about a chocolate fountain? This mini one is really easy to use, and there are three different types of chocolate available for it – dark, milk and white. £18.99

wine-kitsAnd for gift recipients who like a drink, we have quick and easy kits for everyone. Make your own Pinot Grigio style wine, pale ale and dark ale, and five flavours of cider! From £14.00