It’s National Picnic Week!!

National Picnic Week
Enjoy a picnic with Lawsons!

Did you know that we are in the middle of National Picnic Week? And it so happens that in most of the country the weather, the countryside, the birds, the humming bees and the flowing waters of all our fine rivers are in a particularly welcoming mode. So even if you can’t get out with the family because they’re still at school, this could well be the time to travel into the countryside with some friends, find one of many local beauty spots and set out your picnic rug for a quiet hour or three. Take, of course, some good food and a little something cool to drink. It’s a tradition that we should all honour, every summer.

Trouble is, you’ll say, I’ve lost my thermos flask; I can’t find that old insulated storage bag; my wicker hamper is lying in decayed pieces in a dusty attic corner; I’ve only got glass wine goblets which are too easy to break if we take them on an outing.

Well, there’s definitely no reason to panic. Go online now to check out our picnicware. Great prices, good range, excellent quality and quickly delivered to your door. Do it now!

We’re offering coloured vacuum flasks of generous sizes, stainless steel flasks, drink pod thermal flasks, and flasks for soup. There’s style and variety here. Then we have thermos coolboxes up to 32 litres so you can take your butter, milk and a pre-cooked chicken with room to spare; there are also thermos can coolers of different sizes for your beer and wine – plus of course the freezer boards and bags to keep everything at the right temperature. Or you could directly replace the old and decrepit wicker hamper with a new one, complete with plates and basic cutlery for under £30. And to save yourself any concerns about breaking your glass goblets because we have a ranges of smart-looking polycarbonate ones that will bounce around in the back of the car and take a fall with no damage done.

We also have melamine tumblers and bowls, beakers, dinner and salad plates, knives and forks, skewers for kebabs. Come and look and get the map out too. What better way of spending a sunny day than having a picnic with friends!